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Dr. Aggarwal's Ayurvedic Panchakarma & Research Centre
At Ayurveda24, we are committed to Ayurveda and devoted to patient care! We believe in adding the touch of personal care under the guidance of certified and tested traditional Ayurvedic therapies for chronic diseases. Constituted by a team of well- experienced specialist doctors, Ayurveda 24 is the place where your journey to a healthy and balanced life as prescribed in Ayurveda begins! The title ‘Ayurveda24’ as it suggests, makes a promise of providing authentic Ayurvedic medical assistance to the patient 24 hours a day! We personally manage all-round pre-treatment and post-treatment arrangements like customized medicines and Ayurveda treatments, diet, lifestyle management etc. the moment the patient registers with us. Our expertise with Ayurvedic treatments and modern approach in dealing with ailments turns the process of healing from painful to a pleasurable one for the patients!
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